Y24 D8 12:54

Razor-class Starfighter

U/U/U in Orbit of Venaari

Y21 D240
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The Razor-class starfighter is nominally part of the New Anzat Navy, however it\'s cheap but durable construction along with commendable reliability have seen it put to use by a wide variety of organizations from pirates to corporate enforcers. The craft has a small shield generator to help protect its thin Durasteel hull and its powerful hyperdrive, and can muster an impressive turn of speed to carry it into (and out of) dangerous situations.Although small, the Razor carries an impressive array of armament, with Heavy lasers mounted on the wingtips giving it a wide, easily-focused field of fire. Also a pair of concussion missile launchers are built into the slender Wings for stand-off engagement ability, although the small space only allows a handful of missiles to be carried without modification. To round out its already impressive firepower, the Razor has a pair of light ion cannons in a forward fixed mount under its nose. Overall the Razor class fighters are strictly average being easily outclassed individually by heavier more advanced craft, but their strength lies in their low cost both for construction and maintenance allowing large numbers to be fielded easily by all but the poorest organizations.

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1x Razor-class Starfighter