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Exelis Harbor

Shop Location: Venaari (183,198)
Shop Description:
The criminal underworld has a thriving black market of stolen goods and captured starships. The Exelis Runners are a part of this illegal economy, trading away all the ill-gotten assets acquired through the parent pirate organization: the Exelis Hunters. The Runners make their home in the Free Pirate Port of Venaari, in the Esuain sector, and maintain ties to the powerful Pirate Lord Artemis de Chatillon and Ord Cantrell.

Whenever buying or selling illicit goods is needed, or when moving assets discretely is essential, the Exelis Runners can be contacted to do the dirty work. The Runners act as smugglers and black market operators, providing pilfered goods and high-risk transportation services to those who are not afraid to skirt the law. The group strives to maintain a wide selection of items and ships at affordable prices. All transactions are kept private for the benefit of the clients. If needed, reputable middles can be used.
Shop Terms:
Welcome to Exelis Market, we are happy to see you are interested in doing business with our organization. All of our trades are u/u/u and processed by Vagnar Fivkei typically within a 24 hour period unless assembly or other listing specifications are mentioned.

We are happy to use middles that are agreed upon prior to the transaction and can also process send first trades to the Exelis Runner\'s faction. Items will be made over once payment has been received and delivery completed; if you wish to decline delivery on larger transactions items will be madeover immediately.

We offer delivery on 100% of our orders; this comes free of charge for transactions worth over 100m in credit value. Orders under that value can add delivery for a predetermined fee based off of location from our hub.

Lastly, we also offer custom artwork upon request for a nominal fee depending on the scope of your request. Most of our merchandise will have a custom created for it upon listing but if you do have a special request let us know!

Feel free to reach out to Vagnar on Discord:Vagnar Fivkei#9205 if there are any pressing questions or requests!