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Malicar Trade Hub

Shop Location: Malicar (95,402)
Shop Description:
The Malicar Trade Hub is the main location for all sales from Shobquix Industries, located one galactic co-ordinate away from the famed HQ of Shobquix Industries your luxurious items and ships never travel far from the production lines and will always have that fresh ship smell from the moment of purchase. Excellence is our guarantee, luxury is your privilege when you shop with Shobquix Industries
Shop Terms:
By purchasing from Shobquix Industries you agree to all of the following terms.

1. Assets purchased through Shobquix Industries on the Trade Federations Department of Trade market place come as stated on the listing.
1a. It is the buyers responsibility to ask any questions before purchase
1b. It is the buyers responsibility to inquire about any potential discounts before purchase.

2. It is Shobquix Industries policy to not allow middles for sales.
2a. Credits are to be sent to Shobquix Industries, credits sent to any other party will be considered a gift.

3. Shobquix Industries embodies excellence in everything we do, it is for this reason that we do not offer a refund policy.

4. By purchasing any Shobquix Industry listings you acknowledge you are not on the Black Sun blacklist or purchasing for someone who is blacklisted by Black Sun.
4a. Any third parties found attempting to bypass this list will be banned from purchasing from Shobquix Industries for 1 year.
4b. Repeated violations will result in the permanent ban from purchasing from Shobquix Industires.