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Commerce Guild - Datacards

Shop Location: Asrat (110,153)
Shop Description:
Commerce Guild is pleased to make available its datacards, through the Trade Federation Market. Run by CG staff, this shop is dedicated to provide quick datacard assignments to each customer. Finished products can be found through our licensed resellers. https://www.swc-tf.com/ministry-of-state/trade/licensed-products/
Shop Terms:
The use of these Terms of Service is for any use or purchase of any listings, entities, and products as used by the Trade Federation Market (TFM). All customers, by agreeing to these terms, understand that all products, credits, approval, and all other actions by Commerce Guild sales staff are taken through Commerce Guild (CG). All credits shall be sent to the Commerce Guild.

Updates to these Terms of Service may be done by TU sales staff at any time; notification will not be shown on the website or by email, but will simply show as an update at the bottom of these Terms of Service.

Transferring datacards to another factory, shipyard, or other entity or owner is prohibited. Please verify your assignment ID before placing an order.

Communication between CG sales staff and Customers should take place always through the Order Message system, found on the account or faction account pages for a specific order. Should a bug or suggestion be thought of or found, there are specific forum areas for these to be posted and tracked. DMs and forum PMs should not be used, and may be ignored inadvertently. If you must contact by Darkness message or any format outside the TFM, contact the CG faction leader for all enquiries.

By placing an order and confirming through the checkout process, the customer agrees that:
1) Payment will be sent immediately after the order is placed (a link is supplied via a message) in its entirety, in the amount as displayed.
2) Orders are not bogus, fraudulent, or any other way deceptive.
3) Orders will not be processed, packaged, or begin transit without full payment.
4) Customer must not be banned for any reason.
5) Customer is not blacklisted by the Trade Federation.
6) If a faction order, faction must not be dissolved during the completion of the order.

Should any of these be found inconsistent or false, CG sales staff may at any time cancel an order with notice, and no refund shall be issued.

Returns and Cancellations
Returns and Cancellations are not allowed for datacards after the datcard is assigned. Once the credits are received, the datacard will be assigned within 48 hours. If longer than 48 hours, you can contact the CG faction leader for a status update.