Y24 D8 12:49

Confederate Bazaar

Shop Location: Hevvrol Sector, Deep Space (-115,170)
Shop Description:
Nestled in Deep Space between the Hevvrol and Mondress Sector, the Confederate Bazaar is conglomeration of trade stations, depot stations and defense stations arranged to provided clients with access to good from the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
Shop Terms:
Order Processing:
Upon purchasing a listing, the buyer agrees to send credits to the Corporate Alliance.

Ships will be made over upon receipt of credits.

Pick Up (Items and Materials)
All orders with items and/or materials will require pick up at the Confederate Bazaar, located at (-115,170). Notification of intent of pick up to faction leader through darkness is recommended 2 days before intended pick up date. Once arriving at Bazaar, coordinate with faction leader for specific location for pick up. Please add the Corporate Alliance to the crewlist of the pick up ship.

If there is a significant delay, items may be loaded into a specific container and assigned to the buyer for later pick up. Items/Materials will be made over once it is confirmed to be loaded. Please do not uncrate items until they are made over.

Order Cancellation
Orders can be canceled by the buyer 24 hours after initial order placement. After that time, the order may be canceled at the discretion of the Faction Leader with a potential restocking fee. If an order is not picked up after 90 days, without notification of delay, the Faction Leader may choose to cancel the sale without Refund
Shop is not active