Y23 D306 12:53

Abbaji Trading

Shop Location: Zuma Sector Deep Space Location (-177,-255)
Shop Description:
Abbaji Trading is operated by Kolkpravis, which is a part of the Kaleesh Coalition. We strive to bring the greatest goods and services from the southern reaches of the galaxy.
Shop Terms:
All trades with Abbaji Trading are currently being handled by Coalition Production Group. All credits are to be sent to Kolkpravis immediately following purchase. This should also be followed by a message to Qymaera sul C`an to confirm receipt of the credits.

As of this time, vehicles will be stored on the T2 \"Coalition Production T2\" for pickup, unless otherwise stated. Items will be stored in cargo containers at the same location. Pick up on the T2 will have those items assigned to the owner upon receival of payment and made over upon pick up. The customer will have 60 days to pick up items. If you aren’t able to pick up within 60 days, or have not made arrangements for the items to be picked up within that time frame, the order will be canceled and the items restocked. No refunds will be given. Qymaera sul C`an will field all messages to

Sorry, but we can not accept returns once made over. If an order is canceled by the customer, prior to makeover, please contact via Order Message, Darkness Message, or Discord Message to confirm and discuss any refund owed.

If the order has not begun packaging, it may be canceled with no penalty. Once packaging begins, the customer will be refunded 85% of the order quantity upon cancellation. Should we need to cancel an order for any reason, the customer will be refunded the entirety of their payment in credits, and provided a detailed explanation of reasoning.

Delivery: Abbaji Trading recommends Endless Endeavors for all your delivery needs. Endless offers safe, reliable, and secure pickups from our hub at least once a month. Please contact Kez Aak or Garan Lode for a rate quote.