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Custom 2x2 Planetoid near Nimban

The Crimson Skull Nebula

Y24 D358
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Single Sale

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1,850,000,000 cr
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138,361,008 cr
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Listing Description

This is a 2x2 planetoid in northern Hutt Space, near the Nimban system - exact location will be given to the buyer. The planetoid comes with system control with customs already applied.

The planetoid has Rock / Glacier / Crater / Crater terrain and is fully slabbed with 12 hotels and 2 power generators. The 3 other slabs have a fountain to prevent decay. The planetoid is conveniently near the field's west entry point.

System custom - https://imgur.com/a/5RwSDkD

Planetoid custom - https://imgur.com/a/T19Mihg

Offers are welcome, of tech and/or credits!

Listing Items

4x City Slab