Y25 D14 06:46

CR-90 Corvette Unrepentant Greed

U/U/U @ Pengauani homeworld; Polus

Y24 D348
Listing type:
Single Sale

Total price:
17,500,000 cr
TFM average:
15,166,880 cr
4.95 (157 reviews)
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Listing Description

Repurposed pirate vessel for sale at the public starport of the Pengauani homeworld. Our technicians have carefully inspected the ship and all traces of the previous owner have been thoroughly removed.

Its array of weapons allows the CR-90 to stand against many foes, from starfighters to other small capital ships. Its heavy lasers provide excellent protection against starfighter attacks, and its turbolaser batteries help to ward off larger enemies.

Undocked / Unshielded / Undamaged
Sector: Oricho
System: Avindia (53, 258)
Planet: Polus (16, 13)
City: City (5, 5)
Ground: (5, 9)

Listing Items

1x CR-90 Corvette