Y25 D14 07:07

Standard GAT-12 Skipray

Vahaba Asteroid Belt 140,260

Y24 D244
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Total price:
3,000,000 cr
TFM average:
2,494,235 cr
5.00 (107 reviews)
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Listing Description

Koensayr Manufacturing is proud to offer this line of OEM Standard GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats to the general public. These are perhaps one of the fiercest and best-equipped gunboats in the galaxy. Pair these as escorts or garrison craft for terrifying superiority.

Manufactured in the Vahaba Asteroid Belt, only minerals mined from non-terrestrial origins are used in the production of this premier product. No flora or fauna was harmed during any part of the manufacturing process.

Stop by our Merchant Space Dock in Vahaba at (1,9) to pick up anything else you might need for your conquests!