Y24 D123 21:52

VCX-100 in Arkanis


Y24 D82
Listing type:
Single Sale

Total price:
18,000,000 cr
TFM average:
19,075,510 cr
5.00 (16 reviews)
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Listing Description

The VCX-100 has plenty of room for vehicles, making it apt for bounty hunting, and can fit a single small, fast fighter such as an Einstar APOSTRO-9, an A-wing, or an IRD Starfighter, besides the iconic VCX Auxiliary Fighter.

Located at:
Sector: Arkanis
Deep Space: (297, -250)
System Position: (7, 7)

Buyer sends first or arranges for a trusted middle.

Listing Items

1x VCX-100 Light Freighter