Y24 D123 22:34

Strike Package 'Mustafar'

Mustafar Miner Series

Y24 D44
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Total price:
31,400,000 cr
TFM average:
29,051,888 cr
5.00 (21 reviews)
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Listing Description

Defend your space or strike at your enemies! This listing includes one (1) Raider-class Missile Corvette and twelve (12) Toscan 8-Q Starfighters docked within.

The Mustafar Miner livery on this package is in honor of those miners who have died whilst excavating important materials on the dangerous world of Mustafar.

All of our ships are located at a convenient location, near the Mecrotica Trade Hub at deep space coordinates (-80, -80)

Ships are U/U/U (undocked, undamaged and unshielded)