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Phase V ARC Trooper

Y23 D298
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12,000,000 cr
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7,983,790 cr
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Listing Description

The Phase V Advanced Reconnaissance Commando is the jewel in the crown of Kamino Cloning Facilities. During the Clone Wars, ARC Troopers were the best of the best, serving with distinction behind enemy lines and as the tip of the spear against overwhelming odds. Kamino Cloning Facilities has been hard at work refining our original genetic template to enhance their best qualities and distill the spirit and abilities of those legendary soldiers for today’s military needs.

NPCs are available as Level 1-3 Human Riflemen or Unarmed Brawler Types. Custom NPC images will be shared for you to apply.

All equipment is fully customised and will be equipped to the NPCs for your convenience.

Troopers are cloned and flash-trained to order. There is a lead time of approximately two weeks, and your troopers will be available for pickup from orbit of Kamino.

Any questions can be directed toward Eli Descartes.