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Hover Transport TC9

Sprizen Sector, Asher System

Y23 D276
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Listing Description

One of the most popular troop transports in the galaxy, the TC 9 is equipped with 2 heavy blasters to defend itself and can carry the vehicle crew plus a full squad of troopers. Invaluable for planetary defense forces as well as planetary assault forces. Has some of the best hull and deflector capability of vehicles of its class, only really the old Clone Wars Republic Gunship is better protected.

Sector: Sprizen
System: Asher (122, 302)
Planet: Asher I (6, 2)
City: [ARA] Rochetown (14, 10)

Although Asher I is shielded by Cybot you can reach our city through the shield access at 14,14 on the planet and then cross terrain to get to our city.

Note that MAKEOVER is after pickup, you'll be ASSIGNED PILOT/COMMANDER at the time of purchase. Once you pick up the vehicles you'll have them made over to you.

Once purchased, you have 90 days to arrange pickup. Vehicle orders that have NOT been picked up within 90 days MAY BE CANCELLED and the vehicles returned to stock. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

If you have questions please reach out to Ku`Bakai Roche & Torth Ladar via DM

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1x Hover Transport TC9