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Galactic Parks Network - Membership

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Do you have a Zoos or Zoo Station? Are you looking to bring tourists and their credits to your system? If you're looking to make your system one of the greats, then a membership in the Galactic Parks Network is a must-have.

Belonging to the Galactic Parks Network means:
— Your facility will be placed on a public list, drawing the attention of tourists, egg hatchers, and hunters alike
— We'll provide your station with its own unique, custom Stamp for visitors to add to their Galactic Parks Network Passport. Completionists will add your Zoo to their "to visit" list!
— We provide NPCs, such as merchants, creature adoption specialists, and uniquely-scripted Tour Guides and Ithorian Jungle Priests to make your facility an immersive experience.
— Galactic Parks Network members will have an exclusive window to obtain new thematic custom items, such as plants for your Botanical Gardens, animals beyond the Creature List, and more!

For a mere 3M application fee and modest annual subscription, your bastion of nature and culture can draw in sentients from around the galaxy! Once you've paid your fee, please fill out this application form: https://airtable.com/shrtlQcpQARVy431l.

Terms and Conditions: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s84/sh/47459005-64fc-e466-9cdb-bdf8cd1381c5/46016b876515e198ff35a51090f5731f

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