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Library In-A-Box


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Listing Description

Ahh, the glorious smell of old holocrons. Nothing like it. But will the citizens of your city ever get to experience the joy of rummaging through stacks of records, getting shushed by judgemental stack-stockers, or paying late fees on that overdue datapad? Not without a library, they won't!

But what's that you say? You can't build one because you're not part of a info faction? We have you covered. Simply have one of your members hop over to The Legacy of Ithor. We grant them facility building permissions, and you provide the RM's and workers. It's like a DC rental, if they made DCs for facilities. Once construction is started, we'll make the Library over to you. Easy as pie.

Please specify in your “Delivery Instructions” the name of the faction member you plan to send to join The Legacy of Ithor. If you're looking for a full-service construction, check out our other listings!

Listing Items

1x Library Datacard