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MC-30b Datacard

Y23 D157
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15,000,000 cr
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Listing Description

Our MC-30b:
+ Outclasses all other corvettes*, even the Imperial DP-20c!
+ Rocks incredible speeds of 3 hyper and 40 sublight!
+ Serves as a planetary landing craft for at least 225 troops!
+ Capable of carrying its own fighter and vehicle squadrons!
+ Able to be squadded for extra protection during combat!
+ Can be docked inside carrier ships for mass logistics!

* The 1.5b+ credit CR-92 is capable of defeating the MC-30b but at 50+ times the cost!

Please include shipyard ID# with credit event or listing purchase comments. Datacard should be assigned with 24 hours of credit transfer.

Listing Items

1x MC-30b Corvette Datacard