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OEM Custom BTL-S3 Y-Wing

Vahaba Asteroid Belt 140,260

Y23 D108
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1,500,000 cr
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Listing Description

Who knows the BTL-S3 better than the manufacturer that designed it? Koensayr Manufacturing is proud to offer the final production model of the S3 to the general public. Outfitted with factory approved upgrades and high performance firmware, these Y-Wings are ready for decades of service.

*Y-Wing should be paired with a Koensayr C-1 Series astromech to maximize performance.*

Manufactured in the Vahaba Asteroid Belt, only minerals mined from non-terrestrial origins are used in the production of this premier product. No flora or fauna was harmed during any part of the manufacturing process.

Stop by our Merchant Space Dock in Vahaba at (1,9) to pick up anything else you might need for your conquests!

-Custom images are applied and included-