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TFM v4.0.4

posted by Kaire Nat-Sa on Y23 D212

With this release we're addressing some bigger bugs that have been noticed and required further testing, plus a few minor fixes that we managed to squeeze in.

- #145 shops are now allowed to use 0 for the following settings: "Minimum number of days between sales", "Maximum number of days allowed for outstanding payment", "Maximum number of days allowed for product pickup". Using 0 will deactivate these features (no delay between orders, no auto-expiration of unpaid orders)
- #156 fixed faction carts not showing their content
- Fixed a few additional issues with faction carts and orders
- #146 fixed a priv issue that prevented factions from removing their listings
- #151 fixed an issue that allowed listings created for a faction shop to show the user creating them as the seller instead of the faction
- #142 fixed a missing check that allowed dissolved factions names to be displayed on a user account page (if they were leader of 2IC) before dissolving
- #41 (and some Discord reports) made some tweaks to how the "Use As" dropdown is generated, preventing duplicate entries
- #159 the text in old event and requests should now follow the new theme
- #158 fixed a typo in the link for order details in the shop archive page
- made sure the missing avatar image is displayed correctly on all pages
- updated the faction sync script to handle unexpected missing leader ids from SWC API
- made some tweaks to how offers are handled to hopefully fix a bug that couldn't be replicated