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TFM v3.5.2 Released

posted by Ted Winner on Y20 D39

A few releases ago we made some tweaks to auto-detect and self-report bugs to our developers to allow for resolving issues that may not be noticed by our users immediately. This release solely contains bugfixes identified via that feature.

The full list of bugs resolved in this release are:
-Crash while getting the class of some entities in the listing view
-Error in the asset management system (subscription service) during facility API refresh
-Error during auto-DC generation for new entities
-Username verification fails
-Listings have some issues when you view them without being logged in
-Blacklist crashes when the viewer is not logged in
-Citizenship pricing causes an error when the user is not logged in
-Cleaned up our self-reported bugs to remove extraneous, unneeded details
-Priv system sometimes falsely grants access to pages despite the user lacking the priv to view the page
-Error in the asset management system (subscription service) during raw material API refresh
-Sidebar pull-out assumes everyone is already logged in, causing errors when the user is, in fact, not logged in
-Crashes on nullable field in price index
-Crashes while loading shop detail view
-Crashes while viewing entity specs
-Crashes while checking if a user is marked as a "thief"
-Infinite redirects in the asset management system (subscription service) will no longer occur due to change in redirected destination
-When crashing in the asset management system (subscription service) more useful details are listed in the error messages
-Price index crashes for some entities

We look forward to seeing the effects of these improvements and hope to continue to introduce additional bugfixes over the coming weeks as new issues are uncovered.