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TFM v3.5.0 Released

posted by Ted Winner on Y19 D357

- #27 Fixed bug that prevented the blacklist section for factions and nfgs to be seen and modified
- #25 Fixed a problem that caused the character 'n' to be displayed at the start of new lines in listing descriptions.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed users to assume full TFM privileges in any faction or NFG. There were no signs of this having been used maliciously.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed users to sign up as a leader of a different faction and gain full access to that faction's account. In order to gain access to a faction account as leader or 2iC, you must now temporarily grant the character_read SWC API permission to allow TFM to automatically verify that you are who you say you are when you signed up. This is a one-time check and the permission can be revoked immediately following access to your faction account in TFM being granted. All current accounts will need to go through this verification in order to access a faction account that they are the leader or 2iC of. FAQ #11 provides more details about this change.

- Added new FAQs for changes introduced in this release
- Several minor backend tweaks to improve performance
- Several minor backend tweaks to prepare for our next major release

- The subscription system has received a partial rework to be less buggy and easier to add new subscriptions in the future. The old subscription system included many limitations that made it difficult to add new or edit existing subscriptions. We have a lot of interesting subscriptions planned and this was the first step to bringing them to you.
- The asset management system (production tracker or AMS) subscription service has been rewritten as a(n almost) direct translation of the old AMS using our updated subscription system and newer, more efficient code. Several bugs, issues with admin tools and long-standing requests have been addressed to make it more reliable. Time estimates for entities in production are significantly better and the AMS as a whole is more performant than the previous version. New in this iteration is integration with the SWC API to allow for your production to be pulled directly via the API to reduce the manual entry that was previously required. Use of the SWC API is optional and the AMS will continue to function for those who wish to use it manually instead.