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TFM v3.4.0 Released

posted by Ted Winner on Y19 D167

On behalf of the Trade Federation Department of Trade, it is my great privilege to announce the release of the Trade Federation Market v3.4.0!

This latest version of TFM introduces many backend improvements that won't be noticeable to users, but also includes several user-facing updates.

Starting off, we have two major bugs that should be patched. One relating to quartermaster payments based off a percentage of the sales they package that our larger groups who manage their sales may have noticed. The other is related to skins which were introduced a little while ago. Users of the black skin should notice that they frequency of black text on a black background should be mostly non-existent. There may still be some places where this occurs, if so, please report it as a bug.

In terms of new features, listings now support custom images for entities. Custom images are required to be hosted on SWC.

We've heard a lot of feedback that reporting bugs and suggestions is currently inconvenient requiring logging into the Trade Federation Communications Console to post them. As a result, we are launching an internal bugs/suggestions base within TFM. Going forward, all bugs and suggestions will need to be posted in the on-site bugbase to be eligible for the bugs/suggestion bounties. Only bugs preventing the use of the bug base will be eligible for the bounty if reported elsewhere.

We also have expanded our Discord integration with posting upon the creation of new news articles and announcements.

A huge thank you is extended to all who've made this launch possible, including Tanez Kalrade and Kaire Nat-Sa, as well as to all users who have made suggestions and reported bugs that were fixed in this launch or are in the plans for a future launch!