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Introducing TFM v3.3

posted by Jacob Jansen on Y19 D40

When you visited TFM to see this article, you likely noticed that things look a bit different. You're correct, today we are proud to release the Trade Federation Market v3.3 update!

This update has been a long time coming as a result of lengthy discussion topics on assorted forums to changes in Trade Federation policy to ensure that this release is one of our largest in the 4 years that TFM has been a non-forum-based marketplace.

I'm pleased to highlight a number of new features that is by no means an exhaustive list of all the changes we're introducing today.

First off, we have a new homepage design featuring recently posted listings. No longer, however, will these listings be cluttered up by a single person posting a number of new listings, only the newest listing per person will display on this page, allowing for more variety of entities being highlighted on this page.

Looking above the listing display, we have a set of new boxes highlighting various aspects of TFM. One of these in particular is the introduction of a wishlist and a watchlist. These operate in two different ways. A wishlist holds individual entities and will send you an event within TFM when a new listing is posted that includes that entity. A watchlist, on the other hand, is for storing listings that you want to be able to come back to at some point in the future.

In addition to assorted art updates, we also have new "skins" for your enjoyment. Limited to three versions at the moment, we offer the white background that has become well-known as TFM over the past couple years, a new blue background and, my personal favorite of the new offerings, a black-background "dark mode". In time we may offer new "skins" as we feel creative and hear good suggestions.

While browsing listings and some assorted other pages, you'll notice that we've introduced pagination to have pages load faster and to reduce the endless scrolling that was previously present.

If you use TFM in multiple tabs, you'll notice that some pages have introduced more descriptive names. Additional pages will be being updated as we come across them.

The next update I'm pleased to announce is that adding a listing has had the front-end rewritten from the ground up. This drastically simplifies posting new listings by making options available to users significantly faster and with many fewer page loads. We invite you to give it a try!

When you try out posting a new listing, you'll potentially see the last specific update that I'm going to point out today. TFM will broadcast an advertisement to Discord about your listing as soon as it is posted, allowing for free advertising without needing to do anything extra. This advertising is limited to once as soon as you post the listing at this time.

We also patched a number of bugs that were too innumerable to elaborate on here, suffice it to say that TFM is a lot more stable now than it had been.

This update would not have been possible without my fellow developer Tanez Kalrade, our testers, most notable of whom is Osiris Gray, our artist Jacob Jansen and our Department of Trade leadership team, Drew Minga and Rik Noiz, who worked on a few tasks that needed to be done to ensure compatibility between v3.2 and v3.3. On behalf of myself, the Department of Trade, the Ministry of Production and the Trade Federation, thank you for your help in this update to TFM! I look forward to working with you all on future updates!

Lastly, a final thank you to all who reported bugs or made suggestions that were incorporated into TFM. We appreciate your assistance and per our bug and suggestion bounty program, you'll be seeing payouts for that arrive within the next week or two.

On behalf of all of us in the Department of Trade, we hope you enjoy TFM v3.3!