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Announcing TFM 3.1!

posted by Tanez Kalrade on Y18 D158

The Department of Trade is pleased to announce our latest version of TFM, version 3.10. With this version, you will find the following updates. Please feel free to contact any TFM staff member with any comments, questions, or additional ideas. We hope you enjoy these features and hope to see you using TFM daily.

- Auctions (Sealed & Public) are now an available listing type, each with their own listing types
- Raffles are now available as a listing type, and the system will randomly choose a winner. No need for annoying posts or money transfers here!
- Terms & Conditions Popup - Every time a shop changes its terms & conditions, the customer will need to re-affirm the changed terms (forcing them to at least acknowledge and hopefully read them)
- Users can submit news: Found under the "Actions" Link in the top menu bar, shops and factions can now submit for approval their own advertisements and news. Please keep these articles to one per month, and trade-related (politics have their place, but not here)
- Recently added page: now shows all listings since you last logged in that have been added.
- Price index now on search page: search for data and listings at the same time!
- Sales tools for shops: each shop can now add sales for a set period of time. Please do not abuse or additional rules will be enforced.
- CPM sync now weekly and not based on when something sells on TFM: for your better data!
- Single listings expire after 30 days, can be relisted easily: a link will appear if your listing is removed to easily re-list with no edits.
- Discount Removed or Used now always displays on orders (user suggestion)
- Buy-It-Now now checks for days between orders for shops (bug/user suggestion)
- Can now be a member of more than one faction account if needed (user request)

- Bug on Reviews: squashed a few bugs that caused reviews to not appear
- Bug on completing orders with RMs and the Price Index (another squashed bug)
- Fixed a bug where a faction could buy it’s own shop’s listings