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Holiday Season and Federation Day Schedule

posted by Tanez Kalrade on Y18 D22

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good shopping spree!

Due to the Christmas holiday this weekend, please note that packaging, loading, and makeovers will be delayed, most likely until after Monday 12/26. (Effects Asrat and Murk DoT shops, but most likely you'll see it from all the shops).

Secondly, due to the first annual Federation Day as declared by His Excellency Viceroy Jansen, both Asrat and Murk shops will not be open from Jan 1st thru Jan 22. During this time, no new orders, packaging, loading (pickups), or makeovers will take place. I would encourage every person to be prepared and have your items loaded/picked up and madeover prior to the 1st of January!

Thank you all for our continued success, and Happy Holidays to you all, and Happy New Year!