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Grand Opening & Appreciation Raffle

posted by Tanez Kalrade on Y17 D223

The Viceroy, High Ambassador, and Minister of Production stood behind a dias together. Deputy Minister of Production Ted Winner and Director of Trade Tanez Kalrade approached to make a short announcement of their own. With a smile on his face, Deputy Minister Winner said, "It is my pleasure to announce that several hundred hours of work, shared between the fine people at the Department of Trade and the most skilled programmers in the Federation, has finally come to fruition regarding the latest improvements to the Trade Federation Market holosite. In the nearly three standard years that the Market has been in operation, we have had incredible success in attracting customers from across the galaxy. While we have averaged over a billion credits a month in sales and have countless happy customers, we did not want to stop innovating. One of the biggest features is adding a greatly enhanced ability for a sentient to manage their entire shop rather than just have a collection of sales listings. In re-designing the site, we focused on ensuring that no user would be forced to use the same procedure as our own Department of Trade, but that users would have the ability to customize their own shop's policies and procedures and even who could purchase from them allowing greater flexibility in use."

Director Kalrade continued, "We are really excited to release the upgrades to our market. Not only has the site undergone a complete overhaul of the user interface, we have included a variety of new features to better serve anyone who may wish to trade using our system. Not only do we now have the ability for adding third-party listings, we have interfaced with Centrepoint Market to include pricing information on each listing as well as giving each seller greater control over inventory tracking and individualized blacklists. We have even adjusted some of our own prices. But as Ted said, the biggest feature is being able to manage your own personal account, a non-faction group account, as well as having rights to manage your faction's account. Every faction - whether government or private - that is in good standing with the Federation has an account already created in our system. Any faction leaders or their designated second-in-command can contact me for access."

Deputy Minister Winner closed the press conference, saying, "The new site is available today with sales listed in our Asrat shop in the Northern region of the galaxy and sales occurring in our new Murk shop for all those in the Southern regions. On behalf of the Trade Federation Ministry of Production and the Trade Federation Department of Trade, I would like to extend my thanks to all who made the old site the success it was and all those involved in bringing this revolutionary new sales platform to the galaxy. I look forward to seeing great adoption of this new sales platform as people begin to use it and come up with their own ways to use the tools we provide to bring diverse sales to the galaxy on this one, new, centrally-located sales platform!"

Before he was able to run off, Director Kalrade was mobbed by the same reporters and only had this to say about the improved Trade Federation Market: "I am excited to see how the galaxy reacts to such a game-changing market being added in collaboration with Centrepoint. I hope to see a pair of marketplaces work together to bring a new era of trading and selling to the galaxy."

As the holoprojection ended, a special event flashed on the main screen for all to see. It read as follows:

In appreciation of our new uses, trials, and testers, a free raffle has been created in order to show our thanks. Anyone that has assisted in testing, the first 100 people to post a new listings, and the first 100 sellers and 100 buyers will be entered for one of these fantastic prizes:

1st Prize: Ardent Cruiser
2nd Prize: DIstril-class Frigate
3rd Prize: 3x ETA-5 Fighters
4th Prize: Neutron Cruiser
5th Prize: 10,000 Market Points (worth 10,000,00 credits!)

The holoprojection fades out to black, leaving the Trade Federation Logo on the screen.